Part 1 labels: I ask you this because I have known gay people who found that one person who is opposite gender who they wanted to marry and be with but still see themselves as gay because all others of the opposite gender still are not even remotely attractive to them. They don't feel like their really bi they still feel pretty gay.

If they feel gay, then they are… there are many bi’s who are attracted to another person socially, sexually or spiritually, but like one gender, or sex more than another… It’s all good. Do what feels right for you. I’ve stated this before, it’s not what they are attracted to regarding their body, it’s the persons mind, and essences, that I’m attracted too. There have been many grey areas in my life that are not so black and white. At the moment I’m dating a lovely sweet straight guy, who happens to have more feminine qualities than the average straight guy on some things and very manly as definitions go on the other…. who’s to say what should be? It’s the person after all that bi’s are attracts too. Cheers,

Part 1 Labels: How do you feel about people who want to label themselves how they feel they are? I think it's great and totally support it. I have gay friends who see the opposite gender as attractive but they just don't want to date them (they may even have a few celeb crushes that they would go for but nothing more than that). Same with straight and bi friends. I just wanted to know since I've people attack them and say, NO THIS IS WHO YOU REALLY ARE DEAL WITH IT!

Everyone should always have the right to identify as they see themselves. Now, if someone is hiding, in the closet, or went back into the closet because of bias, phobia, etc., they are doing themselves a disservice on being their true selves. It’s never good for your well-being—hiding who you really are…. but yes, I think we all have a right to identify as we see ourselves and no one should question our identification.

What does bisexual mean for you? I know many girls who say they are only gay until sober then laugh about it. They like to get drunk and make out with girls but if they were sober they wouldn't do ANYTHING. I find it pretty offensive to all queer ID women, no matter where we are on that spectrum. Now if a woman can have real sexual attraction to women sober and drunk, I believe it & I'm not offended, but otherwise I just don't know how to feel!

Not sure about “these women” I don’t know them. All I know is what many other bisexuals, state, or how I feel about my bisexuality. It’s like saying all black, Jewish, white, women, think and act a certain way? You can’t use “all” in any reference, some do, some don’t, some label, some won’t. It’s up to that person to self-identify. If a person you like, isn’t the right mix for you, find someone who is, we can’t change every person’s sexuality into something we want them to be. If some people like to drink and be a little bit bolder on what they will say and do, how can we stop that? Some folks are shy, some not, it depends on the person I say. Interact with people you can identify with.. Good luck.

Where can I get support? Where can I find people? I really wish to talk

There are a lot of bisexuals on facebook and twitter for internet peer support. got to or for more bi people to talk too. If you need real mental health support, google in your area, but you can start by going to they have a lot of links regarding resources. Also a really good mental health support is Trevor project if you don’t have a local LGBT support group in your area. Let me know your age range,  location and issue of support, then I can find more services you might look into. Also, if you are thinking about suicide, please call 911, or talk to someone you trust. My other site is which will be about real mental health education discussions. It’s general, but we will meet every group’s needs. Please keep in touch! I’m here to help if I can, I am a mental health aider, so if you need a listening ear you can reach out to me.


Adrienne, I love this website, It looks like a framework for women and men to express sexual preferance nomenclature non-discrimnantly -- promoting the seemingly unnormative bisexual label. Perhaps, I'm wrong in my assessment and I apologize if I self-attributed too much on what this Tumblr looks to mean. But, regardless, it makes me happy to know that a person like you, and perhaps several others that visit this domain exist. My question is.. I'm a bisexual male and I'd like to help you. How?

Thanks for the love….we had to take a break due to low donations, coming in, to continue. The site was very big with over 500 articles and bloggers giving out the bi love. Because we were at a very high end WordPress, I wanted to keep the domain alive and from time to time write about bi stories, expressions, etc. So I added the domain under Tumblr in the meantime. Who’s to say what will happen, at this point we are getting many emailings just to give out love, to voice their opinion or to talk about their sexuality. It’s all good! :-) Keep reading and when we are ready to come back, we will!! Adrienne,

I have been told that bisexual is a sin but I have been thinking about weman for as long as 40 years, I have been bi all my life but I have never been able to find a bi woman to talk to about this. So can any one help me out.

Sadly, BSN isn’t a dating site…. but there are many groups online that cater to bi dating, etc.. Good luck.

Dear Adrienne This is just an idea that I've had. There are flowers which are called bisexual flowers which contain both male and female components and fertilize themselves. Examples include lilies, roses and most plants with large showy flowers. Another way for bisexuals to become visible would be for all bi's wear a rose in their lapel, or pinned on their clothing. Whether real or artificial, wearing a bisexual flower, would be a good way for people to identify as bisexual. Sharon

It’s a good idea! The only thing I would say is, there must be some typle of PSA campaign so everyone would know it’ stands for being bi, not a funeral or a gradution of some sort.

ive been bisexual as long as i can remember. my closest friends and my spouse know, but thats it. ive tried for so long to get up the nerve to just come out to everyone but my mom is so judgemental and completely clueless when it comes to anyone gay. shes downright offensive without meaning to be. most of my family would accept it while silently judging. how could i possibly just come out to a family like this? i dont want this weight on my shoulders anymore but i also dont want the judgements

Hi Heismysoul,

Everyone has this journey, “how to tell someone;” but most likely they might already know. My experience, is to just tell them… “I’m bi,” “either love me as I am, or don’t but I want you in my life and I hope you want to be in my life.” Though, always make sure it’s a safe place to come out. Most people that do come out find themselves happier in the long run. Good luck!

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